Our main target is the quality, an essential feature of our work. For this reason, we improved the whole productive process with a more accurate management of the warehouse, the use of barcode readers to scan each phase of work and an improved planning of the work for each machine; so we can be more responsive with our customers. We attach processing tags to the drawings for items recognition and we keep them for a couple of month. This allows us to have traceability after the delivery to the customers.

When starting a new productive process, we take the files that our customers send us (.dxf or .stp) and process them with our CAD-CAM software for mistakes reduction.
Besides, we are also focused on improving our measurement tools. We have digital micrometres, bore gauges up to 150mm, gauge block sets, digital calipers (up to 1000mm), two digital height gauges, surface roughness testers, thread calipers, Go/No Go limit plug gauges, thread calipers and a concentricity inspection bench. We also have a pre-setting machine with a camera and a power led for measurement of tools, with an error of 0.002 mm. All this equipment allows us to save time, reach a higher efficiency and reduce the production waste.

Other two important aspects are the delivery time and the production waste. About the former: the average delay for our deliveries is 0 days (goods are often delivered earlier than agreed). About the latter: our customers detected a production waste rate of 3% on delivered items, and this rate is in constant decrease over the years.

All the efforts on these aspects represent our mentality and our target: we want to improve in order to develop a partnership based on trust with our customers. In this way, our customers can always rely on us.

M.V. Costruzioni Meccaniche’s aims:

  • Product delivery with a percentage of defectiveness “tending to zero”
  • A partnership with our customers that lasts over time
  • Special care to the appearance of the final product, other than satisfy its requested requirements of functionality
  • Reduction of the production cost but not the quality
  • Faster delivery

Tools used for quality control:

  • Digital calipers (up to 1000mm)
  • Digital bore gauge micrometers (up to 100mm)
  • Outside micrometers (up to 250mm)
  • Bore gauges
  • Go/no go limit plug gauges
  • Digital Indicators
  • Thread calipers
  • Gauge block set
  • Digital height gauge on a granite inspection plate 1600x1000mm
  • Surface roughness tester
  • Concentricity inspection bench
  • Precision measuring milling vice
  • Double column digital height gauge
  • 4 V Parallel block