The Company

MV Costruzioni Meccaniche works via commission realizing different kind of small-medium carpentry workpieces using the lathe machine, the milling machine and other processes like welding.
Established in May 2015, the Company, even if quite new, had already over 25 years of experience in the metal constructions industry. Thanks to our expertise we had grown up as supplier of many national and international companies operating in different areas such as: computer numerical control (cnc machines), woodworking machines, motorbikes suspensions, tooth doctor working chair, medical fitness and machines operating in the railway.

Innovation and technology are the keywords of our work, as we try our best to please our customers’ needs with high quality products. This is how we can respond to such a dynamic and competitive market. We are constantly growing and upgrading our equipment, searching for better working procedures of production. Our professionality and know how are at the service of our customers and, thanks to the support of our technical office, we are able to offer a complete service from designing projects to delivering workpieces ready to be assembled.